Taste & Aroma
of Mt Olympus
Βιολογικό Τσάι "Εν Ολύμπω"
Organic Mt. Olympus Tea

The ancients named the mountain tea "Sideritis" (Ironwort) because of its high content of iron but also because they believed that it helped in the rapid healing of wounds.

Βιολογική Ρίγανη "Εν Ολύμπω"
Organic Mt. Olympus Oregano

Oregano is perhaps the most famous herb in Greece and it is the splendour of the Greek mountains.A plant rich in vitamins and nutrients, with a strong antibacterial substance plus antioxidants

And the peaks of snowy Olympus resound, and the homes of the immortals.


Zeus then sat down upon his golden throne and Olympus reeled beneath him.


Joyous are the palaces of father Zeus the loud-thunderer